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Advantage and Disadvantage of social networking

Disadvantages of Social Application
Neighborhood Disadvantage and Perceptions of Social Support among Adolescents, on social relationships provide individuals with material and instrumental support such as assistance with child care finances and activities of daily living as.
From investigation the relationship between neighborhood disadvantage and perceived social support among adolescents via a multilevel analysis of adolescents living in Chicago neighborhoods. The results from our analysis demonstrate that the association between neighborhood disadvantage and adolescents’ social support varies by type of support (i.e., family versus friend support), gender, and race/ethnicity. Neighborhood disadvantage is weakly associated with increased family support for boys but is unrelated to family support for girls. Further, neighborhood disadvantage is not significantly related to boys’ friend support but is associated with lower levels of friend support for girls. However, the relationship between neighborhood disadvantage and girls’ friend support differs by race/ethnicity, where white girls report lower levels of friend support as disadvantage increases, but the same is not true for black and Latino girls. Greater network density is associated with less friend support for boys and more friend support for girls. Anomic social conditions are associated with less friend support for girls. Neither the density of neighborhood kin and friend networks nor the presence anomic social conditions explains the effects of concentrated disadvantage for girls.

Advantage of social application

Social media applications like blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter,
and Facebook can be useful tools in helping you achieve
guest mind share. Not only are these tools free to use, but
they enable you to relay short, constant reminders about
your cause and your auction.

Creating "something to write" can be overwhelming for some
people, so to get you (or your volunteer P.R. person)
started, below is a list of specific suggestions on what to

1. Announce donations: When a donation arrives, announce
the item, thank the donor, and provide a link back to the
donor's website. Be sure to include a photo, if possible.

2. Ask for a donation to round out a package: "We need a
florist to donate a bouquet to complete our Mother's Day

3. Testimonials: Auction fundraisers should be
mission-focused. Keep your supporters updated with
successes. For instance, "Peggy is off the streets, thanks
to our non-profit," or "Jeremy credits St. Stephens's art
teacher in giving him the confidence to pursue art in

4. Event Preparations: Share a photo of the decor committee
drawing backdrops for the auction, or the Gala Chairs
meeting to send out invitations. This shows that others are
getting involved and making plans to attend the event.

5. Special announcements: Share news. "In just three weeks,
we've surpassed 50 raffle ticket sales." Or, "Only 200
seats left before sell-out!"

6. Apply gentle pressure to past donors: A post such as,
"We sold a lovely 2-night stay at the Fairmont last year,
and are hoping they'll donate again," might work. Include a
link to the hotel, and then contact the hotel so they see
how you are treating them kindly - even before they donate.

7. Answer questions: Make the questions up, if you need to.
"A new family to our school asked what was appropriate to
wear to the auction. Here's our response, along with three
photos of past guests."

8. Create a list: You can create a list on almost anything.
"Top 5 Reasons to Attend our Gala." "Three Ways You Can
Volunteer That Will Take Less Than 2 Hours per Week."

9. Seek specific volunteers: "Any math lovers out there? We
need an auction clerk, and your primary job is recording
numbers at the auction. Any takers?"

10. Link to relevant websites: "In 55 days, our auction
will be raising money for cancer research. Here's a link to
fascinating article written by XYZ about the need for a

11. Support your supporters: When you notice that one of
your supporters (e.g. a school parent, a Board member, an
auction donor) is mentioned in the paper, link to it and
promote it. "Parent Joe Smith just got promoted and here's
the link. Way to go, Joe! We look forward to congratulating
you in person at the gala next Saturday."

12. Call to action: Try to encourage audience participation
(or at least get the audience to consider participating).
Something like, "Early-bird pricing on gala tickets ends
tomorrow," or "Get your gala dress at Lord & Taylor this
weekend. The store has special occasion dresses on sale."

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